Will.i.am’s Remix Of The ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Theme Song Is Even Worse Than You Thought It Would Be

11.05.12 15 Comments

Admittedly this story is about two weeks old, but seeing as its two primary areas of focus are (a) Black Eyed Peas puppet master will.i.am and (b) celebrity yapfest Entertainment Tonight, it is safe to say it was located not only outside my wheelhouse, but so far from it that you would need a map and a sack lunch to travel between the two locations. But luckily, sort of, my dear friend and UPROXX colleague Burnsy brought it to my attention at the end of last week, and I can now say with complete confidence that it is at least as awful as you would imagine a remix of the Entertainment Tonight theme song by will.i.am would be, and possibly worse, depending on how good you are at imagining.

Also, in case you were wondering if they released a video of will.i.am listening to his own song on his headphones, doing stupid dances, fist-pumping, and mean-mugging at the camera like he is listening to DMX instead of a bubble gum remix of a theme song to a show once hosted by John Tesh, the answer is yes. Which brings up an important point: It is a lot of fun to go to YouTube Doubler, mute the video, and make it look like he is dancing to a bunch of other songs instead. Here is one I made with “The Chicken Dance.” IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE HE LOOKS SILLY.

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