Will There Be A Season Two Of ‘Ghosts?’

Ghosts is a supernatural sitcom that premiered on CBS last fall that has been slowly but surely making buzz on the internet. The show is based on the BBC One series of the same name, which just finished its third season in December. After the American adaptation started to gain popularity, many have been wondering if the show will follow in its British iteration’s footsteps.

The show was officially renewed for a second season last month, which will most likely begin production sometime this year, for a fall 2022 release. The official Ghosts Twitter account tweeted the official notice, along with a video of them surprising the cast and crew with the news.

In the video, you can see a crew member asking Rose McIver to say, “Catch us next fall, because we are officially picked up for season two.” The cast is visibly surprised, and thus season two was officially born.

The account tweeted a follow-up to thank their dedicated fanbase: “We could not have done this without our amazing fans— we’re so grateful to you all for watching!”

Ghosts stars McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar as young couple Sam and Jay, who inherit an old mansion which they decide to turn into a quaint bed and breakfast, before realizing there are a bunch of ghosts haunting the place, which Sam can see after a near-death experience. All of the ghosts have their own unique personalities based from the time period they lived in, from a sixties flower child to a late nineties stock bro. You can stream every episode so far on Paramount+.