William Shatner Rages At Critics Of His New TV Show On… The Kremlin’s Propaganda Network?

After journalists caught wind that William Shatner has a new show on RT, the infamously state-funded propaganda network for the Kremlin, the Star Trek actor spent the bulk of Thursday raging on Twitter at any and all criticism of what he calls a simple “distribution deal.” While the Q&A show titled I Don’t Understand doesn’t air until later in July, journalists have attempted to explain to Shatner that his mere presence on RT will be used as a propaganda for Vladimir Putin.

Shatner was hearing none of it.

One of Shatner’s largest critics was independent Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev who wrote a thread on how RT works and why Shatner can’t feign ignorance because he’s just an actor getting paid for work.

According to The Daily Beast, RT is a well-known “propaganda machine” for the Kremlin:

The various news shows featured on the network are largely packed with Putin loyalists dedicating significant amounts of airtime denigrating the U.S—and any Putin rivals, for that matter.

The head of RT, Margaret Simonyan, has warned of an “inevitable war” with the U.S., is a staunch supporter of a “sovereign” state-controlled Russian internet, and once tweeted that she was “jealous” of Belarus over their abhorrent nabbing of a dissident journalist mid-flight.

However, efforts to educate Shatner on his new TV home fell on deaf ears:

(Via William Shatner on Twitter, The Daily Beast)