Womp It Up With The Internet’s Best Tributes To Jessica St. Clair’s Marissa Wompler

With the exception of the 19 Modern Family reruns that fill their schedule every day, USA Network isn’t known for its comedy programming. That should change tonight with the series premiere of Playing House, created by and starring the very funny Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham. Dorky podcast listeners are already familiar with the duo, and hopefully, the entire world will soon fall in love with the Best Friends Forever (R.I.P. Best Friends Forever). St. Clair, in particular, has become a fan favorite on Comedy Bang! Bang! for her portrayal of Marissa Wompler, Scott Aukerman’s teenage intern who once described herself as “100% a woman in the body of a Grimace slash muffin.”

Rather than explain her entire Gutterballs-loving back story, listen to the old podcasts, and then you’ll be able to fully appreciate the Internet’s finest WOMP IT UP artwork.