Woo Hoo! This Real Life Lego Springfield Is More Impressive Than The TV Version.

Of course the Blocko store is part of Lego Springfield. Of course. 

The Simpsons and Lego just seem to get along well together. The official Lego Simpson’s house is pretty great (some might say groin-grabbingly transcendent) and the Lego episode of The Simpsons was probably one of their best in years. Well, talented Lego builder Matt De Lanoy decided to take this Lego/Simpsons thing to the next level and build all of Springfield (or at least it’s key landmarks) out of Lego.

You can check out some pics of his cromulent creation below…

All the important stuff, none of the filler. 

I’m going out tooo stalk…Lenny and Carl. Do’h!

Unfortunately Lego Springfield does not contain the escalator to nowhere. 

Pretty impressive! Now, somebody get to work on Lego Shelbyville.

You can check out even more pics of Lego Springfield right here.