‘Work It’? More Like ‘Fired It,’ Am I Right?

Great news, everybody! “Work It” has been canceled. Our long, two episode, national nightmare is over.

Late Friday, ABC sent out a scheduling release announcing that “Work It” has been pulled from the network’s lineup, effective immediately. The cross-dressing comedy will be replaced by repeats of “Last Man Standing” at 8:30 on Tuesdays for at least the next three weeks.

ABC’s release clearly states that the remaining original episodes of “Work It” are “not yet rescheduled,” which theoretically means that “Work it” could return for a summer burn-off.

In its brief run, “Work It” ran afoul of critics for its quality, of GLAAD for its depiction of the transgendered community and Puerto Rican groups for its stereotyping. Those concerns weren’t enough to keep the show off the air, but an audience of under 5 million viewers in its second airing, along with a dismal number among adults 18-49, did the trick. [HitFix]

This news prompted pretty much everyone on the Internet to say something along the lines of “OKAY BRING BACK “COUGAR TOWN” NOW THANK YOU.” ABC hasn’t made an official decision about the show yet, but in an awesome and badass move, creator Bill Lawrence recently rented out a hotel bar and threw a party with free booze for the show’s cast and a ton of reporters — at the same time ABC was holding their own publicity event nearby. This is an incredibly smart, diabolical move. It’s like they say, “The way to a television writer’s heart is through his liver.” At least that’s what I say. I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: I will write pretty much whatever you want about your show or product if you have a famous person come to my house with a pitcher of mai tais. I’m quite corrupt.