WTF Mike From ‘Breaking Bad’ Was In ‘Airplane’?!?!?

Well this is totally random but after seeing occasional UPROXX contributor Bobby Big Wheel tweet this earlier, along with the fact that we’ve covered some of his other obscure acting roles in the past, I just couldn’t not post it: Mike Ehrmentraut from Breaking Bad — aka Jonathan Banks — had a small role on Airplane.

I did some digging around and found an interview with Vulture he did last year where he talks about it.

Six years later, you went on to make Airplane!, one of the best comedies ever. What do you remember about making that?

We just walked in there a few days and yelled. “Radar rage” is what it was. [Star] Robert Hayes was a friend, we did a film together in Spain, where I met my wife 25 years ago. I don’t really remember much, other than I had a good time and that it was [shot] at Culver Studios. I just loved that ’cause they shot Gone With the Wind there.

A reference point to better help “get” the joke in the clip above: in the early days of microwaves they were widely known as “radar ranges.” I know this because old.

In other Breaking Bad news, Dean Norris spent much of the afternoon tweeting about his last day on the set.

Sniffle, sniffle. Hurry up and get here, new season of Breaking Bad, dammit!