‘Yellowstone’ Actress Lilli Kay Seems Surprised That The ‘Lesbians On The Range’ Became Such ‘A Big Deal’

Even though Yellowstone is one of the biggest shows among your midwest relatives (and the whole country for that matter), but the stars still seem pretty shocked at the impact the series has. What other show has a spinoff starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, a bunch of cute cows, and some pesky republican accusations?

The mid-season finale aired this week, and while there were some cliffhangers that won’t be resolved until the series returns this summer, one mystery from the finale has been solved, and that’s who the heck Clara, Dutton’s new ally played by Lilli Kay, was smooching.

Kay spoke with Deadline to reveal the mystery person behind the kiss, and the story is actually quite amusing. The actors were under strict Covid-related precautions while filming, which inspired a last-minute change: “It was written that Clara is making out with someone in the background behind John and Summer. And we were trying to figure out who was easy and comfortable [to cast] who was also in the testing cycle,” Kay explained. The series was filmed over the summer in Missoula.

“My partner, Juli Kocemba, was there with me in Montana so they said, ‘oh, let’s just have you guys make out in the background.’ My partner’s non-binary, se were like, ‘well it’s a gender fluid make out in the background.’” Kay explained, adding that they didn’t think much of it. “We thought, nobody’s gonna make a big a big deal about it. And then a lot of people made a very big deal about it.” As it turns out, some people did notice, and they weren’t happy with the (single, quick, and harmless) kiss.

Kay continued, “It was very funny because I did not expect anyone to even really catch it. And then people were like, lesbians on the range! It was very, very funny. But it was a fun little evening.” Despite the backlash from various unnamed Twitter users, Kay and her partner weren’t fazed. “We got to listen to some really good music and hang out and quietly make out in the background. Lesbians on the ranch!” Lesbians on the ranch! Let’s go lesbians on the ranch!

(Via Deadline)