Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren Make Their ‘Yellowstone’ Debut In The ‘1923’ Teaser Trailer

Yellowstone is one of those shows that seems to be spawning an entire universe of new shows and stories, for good reason! Nobody can get enough of that Dutton family and their generational drama. There is the flagship series which began in 2018, and then there is the other prequel series 1883 which debuted earlier this year. The only thing that could make an already great show better is by inspiring a prequel with some veteran actors on board, which is exactly the case with 1923.

The latest Yellowstone prequel will star Hollywood legends, Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, who will portray Cara and Jacob Dutton in the early 20th century, “when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home.” Meanwhile, season five of Yellowstone also premieres this week.

Surprisingly, this will be the first time Ford has led a television show, not counting the 1978 Star Wars special, of course. He has starred in iconic blockbusters like Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, and some little-known movies about a war in space. Mirren, on the other hand, has starred in several television shows but more importantly, she will star in the upcoming Fast and Furious installment next year, so this whole 1923 thing is just to hold fans over until then.

Episode one of 1923 will debut on December 18th, while the rest of the episodes will continue in January on Paramount Plus. Check out the trailer above. Yeehaw!