Yo Soy Heisenberg: Univision Is Adapting ‘Breaking Bad,’ Which Is News To Sony

05.11.13 6 years ago 11 Comments

Pictured above: Sony’s reaction to Univision’s Spanish-language adaptation of Breaking Bad. Yesterday, Univision, which regularly outperforms NBC in the key demographic of sad middle-aged women waiting for another sassy cat to cross their screen, announced their programming slate for next season, including future failed amusement park Gossip Girl Acapulco and Metastasis, a cancerous title somehow even more bleak than BREAKING BAD. About the former, Sony laughed. But after hearing the latter, they were all like, what’d you say jefe?

Sony was shocked when Univision announced plans to air a Spanish-language Breaking Bad adaptation, The Wrap reports. Univision made the announcement on Friday, several days before it is set to reveal its 2013-14 lineup to advertisers. It may now have to remove the show, entitled “Metastasis,” from its schedule.

Sony, who owns AMC’s hit drama, has indeed produced a Spanish-language pilot of the show, but the studio has no official deal with Univision; and is in talks with several potential partners. The deal with Univision may still go through, but this early announcement may have soured things a bit with the studio. (Via)

But really, isn’t it about time Walt, Jr. put down the cereal and started in on some breakfast tacos?


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