You Can Blame Jerry Seinfeld For Hugh Jackman’s Decision To Retire As Wolverine

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Jerry Seinfeld is having a very good or very bad week, depending upon your personal views of identity politics. He’s come under fire by many, and is being celebrated by others, for speaking out about our current cultural climate, which he believes is too politically correct to the detriment of comedy, and he won’t even play colleges anymore as a result. Instead of being silenced by some of the internet rage, however, Seinfeld doubled down on his feelings last night with Seth Meyers.

Well, here’s something else you can blame — or thank — Jerry Seinfeld for: He’s the reason Hugh Jackman decided to retire as Wolverine after the franchise’s next movie, Wolverine 3. Jackman revealed on Live with Kelly and Michael why he’s leaving after 17 years, and it had a lot to do with Seinfeld:

I was having a chat with him about a year ago at his birthday and he was talking about why he finished the end of [Seinfeld] and how it was riding high, and he said he just always had this feeling or belief that you never know when either your energy or the audience’s energy is going to dip over and people are like, ‘Please! Go!’ ”

“I’ve been doing it for 17 years, I love it. I think the movies are getting better. And all of the sudden, as he was talking to me, I went, ‘This is it.’


Personally, I think I’ll reserve judgment on Seinfeld until we find out who will ultimately replace Jackman as Wolverine. If we get someone awesome, I’ll thank Seinfeld for convincing Jackman to get out at the right time. If we get someone who doesn’t live up to Jackman’s character — and I haven’t seen any casting suggestions that hold a candle to Jackman — than I will curse Seinfeld until the X-Men franchise sputters into oblivion.

(Via People)