You Can Now Watch The First Five Minutes Of Lifetime’s ‘Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story’

School’s back a bit early this year. Ahead of its Sept. 1 premiere, Lifetime is rolling out the first five minutes of its The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Movie. The made for TV showing is based on a book written by Dustin Diamond (a.k.a. Screech) and promises an up close and personal look into the lives of some of our favorite Bayside High students.

The new clip shows the cast en route to an appearance in Cincinnati right before their Saturday morning show officially took off. As they sit in the back of limo, wondering if people will actually like them (cue the typical teenage angst) we get a glimpse of the group’s close-knit friendship and later, a reason for their anxiety: the show had been cancelled once before and was on its last leg when the kids took center stage.

Of course, we know all that worrying was for naught. As the limo pulls up the group is greeted to masses of screaming, pre-teen girls holding homemade signs and jumping on the hoods of cars. Zack Morris, we mean Mark-Paul Gosselaar, sorry, we really mean Dylan Everett the actor who plays both roles in the TV movie, takes his famous time out to give us a little back story on the film before Screech steps in, geek flag flying high, to let the audience know this movie isn’t all about the hunky babe with the bad dye job.

Via Variety