You Cannot Unsee This Side-By-Side Sansa Stark-Boy George Comparison

Someone on Reddit pointed out this morning that Boy George bears more than a passing resemblance to Sansa Stark — and that’s pretty much all it took for me to fall down the wormhole, spending a good deal more time than I should have compiling heaps of photographic evidence to support the theory. Not since the great Haley Joel Osment-Al Borland side-by-side have we seen this kind of spectacular celebrity lookalike-ery.

And the results? Well, see you yourself. Pretty f*cking uncanny, if I do say so myself. So uncanny, in fact, that I can’t rule out a possible Game of Thrones spoiler that involves a time and dimension traveling Sansa Stark pulling some serious Jem/Hannah Montana business as a drag gay pop singer in the 1980s of our world. It’d be better than hanging out with that Littlefinger jerkoff, anyway.