You Could Own The Whorehouse Don Draper Grew Up In For A Cool $600K

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Do you have $600,000 laying around? Would you like to perhaps own the LA Victorian-style house that Matthew Weiner used to portray Don Draper’s boyhood whorehouse on Mad Men? Well, the dream lives! Make an offer!

Over at Franklin Avenue, a blog that has documented the LA-area locations used in Mad Men extensively, they’ve located the house used for the whorehouse’s exterior shots.

In real life, Don’s childhood whorehouse is actually in the historic Los Angeles neighborhood of Angelino Heights, a popular spot for film shoots (particuarly period pieces like “Mad Men”). The neighborhood, located just south of Dodger Stadium/Chavez Ravine, is known for its collection of still-standing Victorian homes.

Don Draper’s childhood whorehouse, located at the corner of Douglas and Carroll (that’s the Google Maps photo above), was built in 1887; is six bedrooms/one bath; 3,160 square feet — and valued at just under $600,000, according to Zillow. (That sounds remarkably low, given the size and the historic value.)

There’s something really fun about saying the words “Don Draper’s childhood whorehouse,” isn’t there? Go ahead…say it to yourself a few more times. Something about it just feels right.

ANYWAY, the blog notes that the show’s post-production staff obviously employed some digital enhancement tricks to slum up the house we all saw in the finale. Just look how much cleaner it looks in this AMC publicity photo


As a little lagniappe, below is a photo that a nice lady who lives across the street from the house posted to Instagram on the day they shot the scene with Don, Sally and Bobby. The aforementioned nice lady — musician Nicole Verhamme, who goes by the name “slowdowncoletrane” on the internet — writes: “once again, woke up on the set of a Mad Men shooting, & yes, that IS Jon Hamm right in front of me…!!!”

don draper whorehouse

Here’s another shot Verhamme posted back in April

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 12.11.50 PM

Coincidentally, Verhamme/”slowdowncoletrane” is not unattractive, which may have something to do with a Mad Men location scout leaving his number on her doorstep.

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 12.14.26 PM

Too bad it wasn’t the Hammbone. Then she’d really have a story to tell.

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