The ‘Young Sheldon’ Series Finale Has A ‘Big Bang Theory’ Easter Egg For ‘Nobody’

The Young Sheldon series finale aired on Thursday night on CBS (“bazinga,” he says mournfully), ending Sheldon Cooper’s journey after seven seasons and 12 more on The Big Bang Theory. If you watched every episode of both shows, that’s 420 total episodes, which is so much Sheldon. But even the most hardcore fan probably missed The Big Bang Theory easter egg in the finale.

“It is for nobody, because no one would recognize it,” showrunner Steve Holland told Entertainment Weekly. “[Sheldon] has an exchange with a professor on [the Caltech] campus, and that’s David Saltzberg, who is our science consultant since Big Bang Theory all through Young Sheldon.”

There was consideration given to hiring a Big Bang Theory actor for the role, but “we didn’t want it to be distracting,” Holland explained. “And we realized [Saltzberg], other than Chuck [Lorre] and Jim [Parsons], has been with this character the longest, because he worked on the first Big Bang Theory pilot, so it’s really just a nice way for us to honor David and all the contributions he’s made to both of these shows for the last 16 years.”

Young Sheldon might be over, but don’t throw away your Flash shirt in anger: there’s more adventures in the Sheldon-verse to come.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)