Zoe Saldana Discusses The Difficulties Of Being Green From Head To Toe

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07.30.14 5 Comments

Zoe Saldana is kinda the go-to bad ass chick across action and science fiction movies these days. She’s also good at playing characters that aren’t quite human, notably in Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy. The drawback from having such a status is she sometimes has to keep herself fairly uncomfortable for the bulk of shoot.

Take Guardians for example, where Saldana is green from head to toe. That’s her from 3 AM until sometime after quitting time, at least according to this interview with David Letterman. So while Bradley Cooper is off in a studio and Chris Pratt is raiding the craft services table before getting busted, Zoe Saldana is hanging out with Big Dave Bautista in the makeup room.

As a viewer it’s great, but it’s gotta be sh*t to be an actor in deep makeup. Makes you feel for a guy like Ron Perlman.

My only question is why green is coming out of all her orifices? Did she swallow a lot of it? Did they paint her entire body for the hell of it? Did Damon Lindelof write this interview? Answers, people, give ’em up!

(Via The Late Show)

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