This Week On ‘Zoo’: We Got Messed-Up Science Beasts In The Future!

06.30.17 4 Comments


Hello and welcome back to our coverage of Zoo, CBS’s summer series about the animals of the world rising up to overthrow mankind, which is not really about that anymore, because season two ended with scientists dropping gas all over the world that cured the animals’ evil genetic mutation but also sterilized all humans, and now we’re 10 years in the future and everything is fine except for the sterilization thing and the the part where bloodthirsty messed-up hybrid beasts — gimme a second, I’ll get to the giant furry armor-plated rhinoceros — have taken over the entire West Coast of the United States and no one knows how to stop them so Bob Benson from Mad Men continues to be our only hope.

I missed this show so much.

Okay, quick roundup:

Jackson Oz aka Bob Benson from Mad Men is now fighting hybrid beasts on the West Coast with his new girlfriend and has apparently developed the ability to control lions with his brain. If you do not watch this show and are only following along through my coverage, please know that a) this last thing is a standard Zoo-style development, and b) I’m very sorry. Anyway, remember the thing I said earlier about furry armor-plated rhinos? Well they are part of the hybrAAAHHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, BOB BENSON.


He eventually captures it and gets a sample and then some mysterious lady blows it up with a tiny bomb that makes a blast big enough to take out half a city block. I don’t know. It’ll probably be a whole thing.

Abe and Dariela are off doing homemaker things and science things in the safe part of the country. Abe got his doctorate, I guess, although something weird is up with that. More importantly, the two of them are visited by Mitch’s daughter, Clementine, who insists that Mitch didn’t die in the razorback attack in the season two finale and also appears to be the only person who aged a single day despite the 10 year time jump into the future. She is very attractive now. And might be an impostor.

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