Check Out This Fake POV Fight Scene Special Feature For ‘Daredevil’

Now that the majority of us have watched Marvel’s Daredevil for the umpteenth time on Netflix, we must wait until the announced second season comes to fruition. Yet we can still keep watching the first season, over and over again, until 2016. Why? Because its home is Netflix, and it ain’t going anywhere else.

But since it’s a Netflix-based series, all we really have are the numerous trailers and TV spots posted on Marvel’s YouTube channel. There aren’t really any significant “behind the scenes” specials or documentaries to speak of. At least, nothing that wasn’t also a short tie-in for something else.

Never fear, for the pranksters at SCC decided to create their own special features clip for Daredevil. Did they secure B-roll footage from the show? An abandoned “making of” project’s tapes? No, they just made it up and produced a POV Fight Scene. As you can see — erm, hear — above, it’s supposed to be from Matt Murdock’s point of view. Hardy har.

Amazingly, the YouTube commenters (so far) have been lighthearted about the gag. No one has, to quote Stephen Colbert’s character in The Great New Wonderful, been “a selfish, incorrigible monster with a heart made out of sh*t and splinters”:

But this is the Internet we’re talking about, so someone of that ilk is bound to turn up.

(Via SCC)