Elon Musk Responded To News Of His Secret Twins By Tweeting About The ‘Biggest Danger Civilization Faces By Far’

While you were sleeping (at some point), Elon Musk officially managed to have more kids than Nick Cannon does. Really! We hear a lot about Nick Cannon’s fertility (some of that from Nick Cannon himself), so I assumed that he had at least ten under his belt so far, but his official total is seven children. Whereas Elon Musk’s now the parent of nine children, two of whom are twins who were (as the world learned over the past 24 hours) born to one of his executives, Shivon Zilis of Neuralink. These secret children came into this world last fall while Elon was still partnered with Grimes, who had revealed that they had a second child sometime last year.

Grimes and Elon broke up (again) shortly after that news, which arrived well after Elon admitted that he doesn’t do much actual parenting with their first child. He’s also the father to twins and triplets with ex-wife Justine Wilson, and man, does this guy have fertility on his side, or what? Of course, plenty of people out there would love to have more children but simply cannot afford (from a cost or time standpoint) to bring more babies into this world. Elon, though, begs to differ, and he officially greeted news of his secret twins with some tweets befitting of a Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.

Elon tweeted, “Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis.” He added, “A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far.”

He followed up with a few more tweets about Mars and how people should have more kids to save this world, even though Mother Nature (and her extreme weather wrought by climate change) seems to be rebelling against the people who are already here.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. Elon’s already proved that he’s controversially obsessed with America’s low birth rate, and he’s even had a graph about “below min sustainable levels” pinned to his Twitter profile. It very much sounds like a different spin on the racially-charged replacement theory pushed by Tucker Carlson and the far-right. And never mind that Elon’s transgender daughter, Vivian Jenna Wilson, doesn’t want Elon’s last name or anything to do with him. That’s possibly the result of more of his incendiary tweets about how “pronouns suck.” And Elon will simply keep on tweeting.