Henry and Glenn Forever

05.10.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

The writing team of Igloo Tornado (Tom Neely, Gin Stevens, Scott Nobles, and Levon Jihanian) debuted their new $4 minicomic at Portland’s Stumptown Comics Festival last month. It’s called Henry & Glenn Forever and answers the question we’ve all asked our music teacher at some point: what if Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig were in a committed relationship and Hall and Oates were their polite, Satanist next-door neighbors? Oh, that old scenario.

Microcosm Publishing showed Henry Rollins some panels before the release. He’s quoted on the back cover as saying, “Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would not be impressed.” Don’t listen to him. He’s a liar. A liar. He’ll tear your mind up. He’ll burn your soul.


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