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Tila Tequila Would Like To Share Photographic Evidence Of Her Pregnancy


Tila Tequila just posted a picture that allegedly shows her baby bump. Illuminati.

bangerz tour

Miley Cyrus Has Postponed The Rest Of Her U.S. Tour Due To That Allergic Reaction

By | 13 Comments

Miley Cyrus has postponed the rest of her American tour because of that allergic reaction. Sorry, Bangerz.

david choe

The Street Artist Who Had A Painting Hung In The White House Maybe Confessed To Rape On A Podcast

By | 18 Comments

Shock graffiti artist David Choe pretty much admitted to raping a masseuse in a recent installment of the podcast he co-hosts with porn star Asa Akira.


So Just How Tall Will Saudi Arabia’s World’s Tallest Building Be?

By | 7 Comments

Saudi Arabia is entering the World's Tallest Building competition by constructing something that dwarfs the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai.


Laura Prepon Will Return For Season Three Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

By | 8 Comments

Laura Prepon will return for season 3 of 'Orange Is The New Black,' but what's going on with season 2?


Kim Novak Has Responded To All The Bullies From The Oscars With An Open Letter On Facebook

By | 16 Comments

Kim Novak has posted an open letter on Facebook in response to all the mean things people had to say after her Oscars appearance.

National Treasure 3

Oh, Just Nicolas Cage And Megadeth Hanging Out


In the world of celebrity,Nicolas Cage and Megadeth gave us something sweeter than a thousand chocolate bunnies.


Where Are The Stars Of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Twenty Years After The Movie?

By | 8 Comments

There may be a 'Mrs. Doubtfire' sequel. What are the stars of the first movie up to now?


The Greatest Rust Cohle Impressionist Is Back With His Final ‘True Detective’ AT&T Parody


The best Rust Cohle impressionist is back for his final go at our favorite 'True Detective' star. Kids, earmuffs.


The Teen Who Got Kicked In The Head While Taking A Train Selfie Swears It’s Not A Hoax

By | 3 Comments

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, everything is a hoax. This kid that got a kick to the dome tells us it wasn't.

game of thrones

Jack Gleeson’s Reaction To The Purple Wedding Beats All The Reactions To The Purple Wedding

By | 39 Comments

Jack Gleeson's reaction to the events in the Purple Wedding episode of 'Game of Thrones' is the best.


The 8 Must-Have Apps To Immediately Get For Google’s Chromecast

By | 20 Comments

Have you bought the must-have Chromecast? Well, you're going to need these apps for it.

sinking ships

292 People Missing, Four Dead After A Ferry Sinks Off The Coast Of South Korea


A ferry holding 459 people off the coast of South Korea has gone down with nearly 300 still missing.


Miley Cyrus Cancelled Her Show Last Night And Was Hospitalized Thanks To ‘A Severe Allergic Reaction To Antibiotics’

By | 6 Comments

Miley Cyrus had to cancel her 'Bangerz' tour show in Kansas City, Missouri because of a severe reaction to Antibiotics.

art student

Let’s Get To Know The Moron Charged With Leaving Unattended Bags At The Boston Marathon Finish Line

By | 8 Comments

Learn a little bit more on the guy that left two bags at the Boston Marathon finish line. Hint: Performance art.

cold war tensions

A Russian Fighter Jet Repeatedly Buzzed Past The USS Donald Cook In The Black Sea

By | 34 Comments

Tensions are building in the Black Sea as a Russian fighter jet repeatedly buzzed past a US Warship.

boston marathon

This Boston Bombing Recovery And Wedding Story Might Make You Cry All The Tears


A couple that endured the horrific Boston Marathon Bombing lets the world know nothing will keep them apart.

red wedding

George R.R. Martin Explains Why The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Purple Wedding Happened The Way It Did

By | 54 Comments

George R.R. Martin spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the death of you know who and his apparent distaste for weddings of any sort.


Andrew Garfield Is Going To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ On May 3rd

By | 2 Comments

Andrew Garfield will be your host of 'SNL' on May 3rd. Expect 'Spider-Man' jokes.


Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Answers All The Obvious Questions In A New Interview


Duke porn star Belle Knox opens up about the important things in her life. Like the weirdest place she's had sex!

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