Radiohead Set To Record Music For A New Album This September

Radiohead hasn’t released a new album since 2011 when they unexpectedly dropped The King of Limbs, but news is coming in today that the prolific group will begin production on a new album in September. Let guitarist Jonny Greenwood put it very succinctly.

“We’re going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing, and recording and see how it’s sounding.”

Whenever Radiohead says they’re going to start recording a new album, everyone immediately begins to speculate what they’ll sound like this time. Here’s hoping for “happy robot”!

In an interview with Nashville Cream this past March, Greenwood dropped an earlier, vaguer hint that new Radiohead material would be on its way. “Well we’re meeting up at the end of the summer, and we’ll make a plan,” he said. “But, you know, we’re a slow-moving animal, always have been. I guess we’ll decide then what we do next.” (via)

Slow-Moving Animal would actually be a good Radiohead album title.

(Via Rolling Stone)