Here’s A Hotel Valet In New Delhi Totally Crashing A $500,000 Lamborghini

Over in New Delhi, India, a rich person gave the keys to their Lamborghini to a valet and thought nothing of it. Well, he should’ve parked the damn thing himself because this valet’s parking abilities range from “sitting idle” to “stepping on the gas and destroying cars.”

The valet was injured in the accident, according to the Times of India.

The owner of the Lamborghini, who works in the construction business, has filed a complaint against the valet. He claims the car is worth almost $500,000. (via)

It’s a bit grainy in the video, so here are some close up shots from people near the crash.

The valet was hurt, so he missed the opportunity to get out of the Lamborghini like this.

Via Business Insider, Facebook