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The Trailer For Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ Contains No Depp Nor Bonham-Carter And Looks Great

By | 40 Comments

Watch the eerily non-eerie trailer for Tim Burton's new film 'Big Eyes', starring neither Johnny Depp nor Helena Bonham-Carter


Watch Michael Moore Lambaste President Obama For ‘Disappointing’ Him

By | 63 Comments

If you are looking for a thoughtful and nuanced take on the Obama presidency... look elsewhere.

al pacino

Al Pacino Plays A Horny Has-Been In The Trailer For ‘The Humbling’

By | 15 Comments

Al Pacino starring in a film based on a Philip Roth novel. Nuff said.

gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow Has Decided To Convert To Judaism

By | 41 Comments

One of Us, one of Us, Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble.


‘Monsters, Inc.’ Trailer Re-Cut In The Sytle Of The ‘Prometheus’ Trailer

By | 3 Comments

Watch a trailer for Pixar's 'Monsters, Inc.' in the style of the 'Prometheus' trailer.


Vince Vaughn Is Attached To Play Dirty Politician In A Seth Rogen Movie

By | 24 Comments

Hollywood just won't stop giving Vince Vaughn scenery to nosh on.

The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Will Be Released In Fall 2015 By The Weinsteins

By | 4 Comments

I wonder if I'll be able to hold off on reading the leaked 'Hateful Eight' script for a whole year?


Watch Bigfoot Kill All The Hip Millennials In The Trailer For ‘Exists’

By | 30 Comments

That's right. This is a trailer to a bigfoot slasher flick. And it's just as lame as you are imagining.


Watch This Amazing Kubrick Tribute Video ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Poetry’

By | 3 Comments

Why pay all that money for film classes when you can just watch this video instead?


The ‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ Trailer Looks Amazing Despite The Kevin Connolly Doppelgänger

By | 25 Comments

Note: This movie is about aliens despite being called 'Monsters'. It's very confusing.


The First Image From The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Set Is Sadly Very SFW

By | 6 Comments

The first image from the production of 'Magic Mike XXL' contains no new half-naked dudes, but it's still kind of interesting.


‘The Maze Runner’ Featurette Explains The Rules Of Maze Running

By | 17 Comments

Ever wanted to run a maze but didn't know the rules? Yeah, me neither.


Billy Crudup Stars In William H. Macy’s Directorial Debut, ‘Rudderless’

By | 11 Comments

Have a box of tissues at the ready... because Billy Crudup is looking *hellllla* fly in this trailer.


Bask In The Glory Of The New ‘Interstellar’ TV Spot

By | 10 Comments

Check out the TV spot for 'Interstellar' and put some blood in that boner.


Gary Busey Allegedly Hit On Courtney Stodden And Slapped Her Mother

By | 23 Comments

Yep, that's pretty much the entire story right there in the headline.


The Trailer For James Franco’s ‘Kink’ Documentary Is NSFW And Features Plenty Of Clamps, Whips & Chains

By | 21 Comments

James Franco is making a documentary about the contents of my Google search history.


Wanna Watch A Supercut Of Every Robot Movie Ever? Of Course You Do!

By | 8 Comments

Seriously, what else are you gonna do? Watch another celebrity do the ice bucket challenge?


The Teaser Trailer For ‘The Hateful Eight’ Hits The Internet Early

By | 28 Comments

The Hateful Eight teaser is attached to Sin City 2, but some angel taped it in the movie theater, for all of us to enjoy.

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