Ever Wanted To See What Vin Diesel Looks Like With A Beard? F*CK YES YOU HAVE!

Finally, a piece of movie news I can really get excited about! Vin Diesel, the actor who played Groot in this summer’s smash hit The Adventures Of Mr. Groot, has landed a pivotal role in the upcoming film The Last Witch Hunter where he will be playing a witch hunter (the last one, our sources say). And just like any great witch hunter from history (Matthew Hopkins, etc…) Vinny-D will be sporting a big, beautiful, bushy beard. Many of you may be looking at these pictures and thinking “BFD? Who cares if Vin Diesel grows a beard for a role? Why should I ca… OMG are those braids in his beard? No way?” Yes way! That is not an optical illusion or some kind of CGI trickery, those are actual braids. Vin Diesel’s big, beautiful, braided, bushy beard is both butch and bewitching. It’s brilliant.

Here’s a closer look: