10 NBA Players Who Have the Most to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

By: 11.24.11  •  7 Comments

Kobe Bryant

2. Kobe Bryant – We would’ve guessed that given enough time off with a lockout, adding in a disgusting season-ending loss, Bryant would’ve filmed “The Day I Roasted Andrew Bynum, Part II” at some point. He never did. He really doesn’t have to do anything anymore – he’s the true king of the NBA right now, he has the rings, the scoring records and he’s making more money than any current player can ever hope to make again. Down the road, his legacy might’ve taken a hit, but right now Kobe isn’t doing anything but living for the moment.

Plus, the longer this work stoppage goes, the less wear and tear on Kobe’s joints and the less miles racked up on his legs. We know he’s working out like a beast somewhere as we write this, but it’s not the same as the NBA season. This absolutely works in Kobe’s favor.

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