NBA Players Revolt Against Michael Jordan; Could Epic Dream Team Practice Footage Exist?

By: 11.07.11  •  51 Comments

Anyway, we were thinking about this yesterday and wanted some feedback: are there any basketball documentaries that haven’t been made that need to be? Are there any stories that just need to be told? Well, according to an old B.S. Report (Bill Simmons’ podcast), there might be footage floating around of the 1992 Dream Team’s practices. That’s right, their Barcelona practices. Simmons noted on the podcast that the team practiced in a little run down gymnasium that apparently had security cameras posted up in multiple ceiling corners that captured hours and hours of practice footage. It’s been said those practices were some of the most intense, physical and highly-skilled basketball practices ever, and if that footage actually does exist – please let someone turn that footage into a documentary. Could you imagine watching Bird and Magic absolutely go at it? Scottie Pippen trying to lock up Jordan and Malone, and then Barkley balling with Pat Ewing and David Robinson? If properly done, it could be one of the most fascinating sports documentaries of all time. Everyone has always wondered what really happened during those practices, you know, Wizard of Oz, behind-the-green-curtain-type stuff. Those practices and the rumors surrounding them have reached an almost mythical status. One rumor that seems to be factual, or at least acknowledged, involves Scottie Pippen and his performance at those practices. It’s said that Scottie played at such a high level during those practices that fellow players began accepting the fact that he was the second best player on the team. But these are the fabled stories we want to hear, the ones basketball junkies need to hear. The greatest basketball team ever assembled, arguably the greatest and most dominant sports team ever assembled – a definitive documentary needs to be made. One that us basketball fans can watch, enjoy, then never forget. One that allows the lost stories to be told … Today marks the 20th anniversary of Magic Johnson‘s retirement. We’re throwing no-looks all day … And if you don’t feel like sitting around complaining about the NBA anymore, Arizona tips off tonight at 9 p.m. ET against Valparaiso. We previewed the No. 16-ranked ‘Cats last week. How they respond without Derrick Williams should be interesting. They DID lose to a D-II squad in an exhibition. St. John’s is also going to be playing William & Mary, although no one really cares about that one. No NBA, we’ll take the next best thing … We’re out like waiting for basketball.

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