Team USA Annihilates Great Britain; Dwight Howard Wants To Go To The Lakers?

By: 07.19.12

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

As we wrote yesterday, Jarrod Rudolph of, who is as close to Dwight Howard as anyone in the media, is reporting the big man is now willing to sign long-term with the Lakers should they trade for him. Multiple sources have confirmed the same thing, and we would say we were surprised… except we’ve been predicting this for months now. Eventually, there’s too much working in Dwight’s favor for him NOT to sign with the Lakers. He wants to be Hollywood, create his own legacy, be bigger than the game and win championships. That wasn’t happening anywhere else but L.A. Now the hard part starts: the teams have to actually come up with a deal. The Lakers have Andrew Bynum as a trade chip, and nothing else. The Cavs have a few picks, and a couple of interesting young pieces to add to the equation. But as of now, the deal doesn’t come close to what Brooklyn had been offering. We doubt the Magic take a weaker deal than what was on the table a few weeks ago, especially since their new GM, Rob Hennigan, is so patient. Plus, Yahoo! Sports reports Cleveland won’t do anything unless they have insurances from Bynum that he’ll re-up there for the long haul … Remember yesterday when we mentioned that photo of Raymond Felton circulating around the Internet that made him look like he was auditioning for The Santa Clause? Someone probably got in Felton’s ear about clearing that up. A new photo, a more recent one, came out yesterday and it looks like New York’s point guard is in relatively good shape. Now, about that shooting percentage … The Denver Nuggets have also re-signed JaVale McGee to a four-year deal for $44 million, with extra bonuses should he always run the right way next year … And Jeremy Lin was formerly introduced as a Houston Rocket yesterday. Knicks fans cried, Houston crossed their fingers they were getting a guy who doesn’t turn out to be a fluke, and Carmelo Anthony fist pumped. Lin reiterated he would’ve been excited either way – had he gone back to New York or not – and is now just happy to be playing basketball and not dealing with the extra activity. That sounds a lot like a guy who was tired of playing in the Big Apple, even if he does love the fans. But the best part of this whole story is easily how Daryl Morey cut Lin last year, and has now agreed to pay him $25 million less than a year later … We’re out like Felton’s gut.

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