Joe Johnson & The Best Sneaker Collection In The NBA

By: 08.08.12
Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Dime: I know you have a Scarface poster in there. Is that one of your favorites movies?
JJ: You know what, actually somebody gave me that. That was a Christmas present because I didn’t have a Scarface in my house. They said, “Man, you gotta have a Scarface.” So that’s basically the story behind that.

Dime: What are you favorite movies?
JJ: Above The Rim. Harlem Nights. Love and Basketball.

Dime: Describe to me your style. Are you always wearing casual Jordan stuff or suits?
JJ: Oh it depends man. I think it’s more just how I’m feeling to be quite honest. I wear Jordan apparel probably just about everywhere I go.

Dime: Can you wear Nikes as well or is it all Jordan?
JJ: Nah, I stay out of Nikes, man. I only rock Js.

Dime: With your kicks, are you always lacing them all the way up or are you wearing them loose or tying them a certain way?
JJ: Like I said, it just depends on the feel man. Sometimes I might just leave the laces loose. It just depends.

Dime: What’s it like now being able to get Jordans anytime you want in any colors?
JJ: It’s for real man, honestly, because growing up I never managed to get Jordans pretty much whenever I wanted, you know what I mean? They were always pricey, so I never really had that many pairs to be quite honest. But to be a part of the Jordan Brand, it’s definitely an honor and a blessing because there’s a lot of guys who would love to be in that position.

Dime: Do you think you have the best sneaker collection in the NBA?
JJ: I don’t know. I’m sure other guys have plenty. I wouldn’t say I have the best. I just got some that I really enjoy for myself.

Dime: What are the oldest pairs you still have from college or high school?
JJ: Man I don’t have none from back then. I’ve been with the brand for six years now. Starting with the first pair of shoes that they made for me, I have them. But other than that, nothing.

Dime: What was the first pair they made you?
JJ: The Jordan 5s. They made them in our team colors. I was in Atlanta.

Dime: Growing up, were you always looking to get Jordans if you could?
JJ: Definitely. Any chance that I could get some, I was trying to get them. I had to pick and choose wisely.

Dime: What’s your favorite pair?
JJ: My favorite pair that I have right now, to be honest, the Jordans 5s were my favorite pair so I was pretty geeked up when I first got with the brand. They told me that a lot of the guys had been wearing the 5s that year. The Jordan 5s with the 23 on the side and the little mesh-looking thing that could reflect, those were probably the best ones to me.

Dime: Do you think those are the best performance-wise too?
JJ: Yeah, I enjoy them. When I wore those shoes, that was my first time making an all-star game. I would say it probably was the shoes (laughs).

Dime: Nowadays, do you get all of your shoes from Jordan or do you actually got out and buy some stuff from the stores once in a while?
JJ: Every once in a while if I see something I like out in the store, I’ll get it. But the majority of my stuff comes from me to the brand. They send them to me.

Dime: How many sneakers do you think you have?
JJ: Aw, man. I couldn’t even begin to start. I got over 1,000 pairs of Jordans.

Dime: Are you wearing certain pairs off the court and on it? Does Jordan tell you to wear specific ones at different times?
JJ: I like wearing a lot of the trunners, especially when training in the offseason or whenever I’m running. I think the brand has definitely been great in making shoes that are accessible to what you’re doing, whether it’s working out on the court in tennis shoes or running on a track in running shoes or just shoes with style, casual wear, they have boots. The brand definitely went to new heights.

Dime: Do you wear a new pair every game or do you give them some more time to grow on you?
JJ: I probably wear a different pair every two to three games. After a while I probably give them away or just kinda run them down a little bit. So I just jump into a new pair. Why not? They’re free.

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