The Top 20 Shooting Guards In The NBA Today

By: 10.23.12

Paul George

6. PAUL GEORGE, Indiana Pacers
Paul George is a 6-10 shooting guard. That sentence, all by itself, is terrifying. He could literally sleepwalk on the court and still be intimidating, just for his size and athleticism alone. Yet what makes George truly scary is that he’s fast improving as a talent. Playing and starting in every game last season, he upped his three-point shooting from 29.7 percent as a rookie to a very respectable 38.5 percent. He also shot better than 60 percent at the rim, and according to Basketball Prospectus, George made Indiana’s defense stingier by 5.8 points per possession. At this point, so long as he continues to improve, it’s easy to imagine George making multiple All-Star teams and becoming one of the most versatile players in the league. Really, he already is.

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