Dime Q&A: Brandon Jennings & Derrick Williams Talk Kicks

11.01.11 6 years ago
Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings (photo. Under Armour)

Last week in New York City, our friends at Under Armour held an exclusive event to preview their new campaign, and to see the latest collection of UA Basketball footwear and apparel. But before the festivities began, I got the chance to catch up with Brandon Jennings and Derrick Williams and talk about everything from kicks to the NBA lockout.

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Dime: What was it like being the first player to sign with UA Basketball?
Brandon Jennings: Aw man, it was a great feeling. I think that the fact that I was actually signed with the company, and I knew I was gonna have my own shoe one day, was like a dream come true.

Dime: What attracted you to the brand?
BJ: I think that it was something new, unique and different. I think that with me going overseas, it made it a really easy decision.

Dime: Tell me about the Micro G Bloodline.
BJ: The Bloodline actually represents my family and everywhere I’ve been.

Dime: Did you help in the design process?
BJ: I was an intern for Under Armour for three months, so I’ve been down there helping design a lot of shoes and giving my imput and ideas.

Dime: Will there be any special releases or colorways to hit retail?
BJ: Yeah, that would have to be up to me though. That’s if I want it to be out there. There’s a lot of different colorways. We got the 106 & Park joints, those lime green and red joints, just to name a few. Right now, those are all just player editions, but maybe when the Bloodline releases we’ll try to put some player editions out in limited quantities and see how they do.

Dime: What do you think about the new additions to the team in Kemba Walker and Derrick Williams?
BJ: I think they’re great. You know, being able for us to sign them, that really helps us out a lot and just shows that there’s other players out there that believe in Under Armour. I think that’s really gonna help take our brand to the top.

Dime: What was the most exciting game you’ve played in since the lockout started?
BJ: I’d have to say the game at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore. Me and Kevin Durant got to play there together, and also at Dyckman. I had a great time up there as well.

Dime: Some footage of you and Josh Selby going at it hit the ‘net this summer. Tell me a little about that battle you guys had.
BJ: Well, actually, it wasn’t really a battle to me. For me, I only see it as fun. I don’t want everybody to think that there’s some heated battle going on with me and Josh Selby. You know, it’s nothing like that at all. We were just out there having fun and putting on a good show for the fans.

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