Trina Could Be An X-Factor In The Lakers/Nuggets Series

05.22.09 8 years ago 25 Comments

Kenyon Martin & Trina

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more heated between the Lakers and Nuggets, there’s this. Popular gossip site has apparently been insinuating that the Miami rapper Trina (otherwise known as Kenyon Martin‘s girlfriend) was previously romantically involved with Kobe Bryant.

While Trina’s camp is vehemently denying any previous romantic involvement, one piece of evidence stems from the lyrics of Trina’s 2004 song, “Heated,” where Trina rapped: “I was the first b***h Kobe cheated on his wife with.”

“Trina does not know NBA player Kobe Bryant in neither a personal or business manner,” her publicist Krystle Coleman told “Please note, the 2004 Trina song entitled Heated was for ‘entertainment purposes’ ONLY! As any other rapper/raptress in today’s society, Trina’s rap lyrics are a result of entertainment and a fabricated ‘image’ and Not real life experiences or matters.

“Trina is a creative artist and has always used the names of high profile celebs in her songs such as Shaq, D Wade, as well as Kobe,” Coleman added. “It’s entertainment and music not personal. Any basketball or NBA sports event Trina is seen as, she is there in full support of her boyfriend and for no other reason; especially [not] to engage in fights, arguments or any other vulgar behavior.”

The fight/argument that they’re speaking of was between Trina and Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant at the first game of the Western Conference Finals. While there was no physical altercation, the site’s sources allege that the two women “engaged in a heated war of words.”

Whether this happened or not, the fact that it’s in the news is only going to be a distraction for Kobe as he tries to battle back after last night’s loss at home.


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