Watch All 16 Of San Antonio’s NBA Finals Record-Breaking Three-Pointers Last Night

06.12.13 4 years ago

Danny Green

Danny Green made seven. Gary Neal hit six. Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker contributed three more. All in all, it felt like a game of NBA 2K14 on easy for the Spurs, setting a NBA Finals record with 16 made three-pointers in a 113-77 blowout win over Miami in Game 3.

But don’t pay attention to the talking heads today. Miami is not doomed… not yet. That’s because every time the Heat lost a game over the past five months, they answered with a resounding win. The average margin in those back-from-the-dead victories is 19.8 points.

Starting with a Jan. 10 loss to Portland:

January 12 – won by 29 at Sacramento
January 16 – won by 17 at Golden State
January 30 – won by 20 at Brooklyn
February 3 – won by 15 at Toronto
March 29 – won by 19 at New Orleans
April 5 – won by 10 at Charlotte
May 8 – won by 37 against Chicago
May 26 – won by 18 at Indiana
May 30 – won by 11 against Indiana
June 3 – won by 23 against Indiana
June 9 – won by 19 against San Antonio

So expect a strong push from Miami in what is basically a do-or-die Game 4. But if Green is going to continue to outscore LeBron — seriously, he’s leading the King 54-50 in the series right now! — then the Heat better find some cheat codes to stop this onslaught before it’s too late.

Who will win Game 4?

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