10 Farva-Approved Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Super Troopers’

super troopers

Fox Searchlight

We somehow missed it, but last Sunday was Kevin Heffernan’s 46th birthday. (I wrote this with a bar of soap in my mouth out of shame.) The occasion really just gave me a reason to spend the afternoon watching “best of Farva” clips online and reading up on the — fingers crossed — soon-to-be Super Troopers sequel.

So in honor of our favorite psycho Statey, here are 10 facts you might not know about the Broken Lizard cult classic, Super Troopers. (Feel free to chug some syrup as you read along.)

1. The couple that Farva cursed at were his parents. Kevin Heffernan’s parents were aware their son was going to curse at them, but they didn’t know the insult would be “chicken f*cker.”


Fox Searchlight

2. That’s actual syrup that the guys chugged. As told by Erik Stolhanske to Reddit, it was indeed actual syrup that they chugged for the famous scene:

“Originally the prop woman had iced tea in the bottles, but it didn’t have that glug, glug, glug thick look when we chugged it… so Jay and I said ‘we gotta do the real thing’ – then went into a diabetic coma on a dark floor while everyone else enjoyed their lunch.”


Fox Searchlight/Imgur

3. The bar of soap was sugar-free white chocolate. The props master had originally used a bar of white chocolate for the soap look-a-like. A new bar of sugar-free white chocolate had to be secured when Brian Cox revealed he was diabetic just before biting into the original.


Fox Searchlight

4. Steve Lemme was verbally abused by actual convicts. The “bullet-proof cup” scene was filmed outside an actual prison with Steve Lemme wearing just a cup. Off-camera the prisoners had gathered in the yard to watch the filming and began yelling at Lemme.


Fox Searchlight

5. The film idea came about after Jay Chandrasekhar was pulled over for speeding. As told to Reddit and the A.V. Club by Erik Stolhanske and Paul Stoler, the idea behind the movie happened after witnessing Jay Chandrasekhar’s metamorphosis into a wimp after being pulled over by a trooper:

“After college, we went to a lot of our friends’ weddings, so we were spending a lot of time in cars together, and naturally getting pulled over. We all thought it was funny how we would all pretend to be bad-asses, talking trash and all the braggadocio, and then you get pulled over and the cop comes up to the car, and your demeanor immediately changes to that of a pussy. You’re like, “Oh, sure, yes, officer. I’ll do that. Right away.” We just thought it’d be funny how easily cops could fuck with people if they had a sense of humor.”

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