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Paz De La Huerta is a naked, 3D sex nurse & morning links

By 07.14.11

Here’s Paz De La Huerta doing what she does best in the concept art for Nurse 3D, a film “inspired in part by photographs of fantastical, sado-masochistic nurses by Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen.” I just hope we get to see whether she had to wear a merkin for her role in Boardwalk Empire. |via VMagazine|

Captain America and Other Superheroes Punching, Kicking, And Strangling Hitler |Gamma Squad|

10 Frighteningly Prophetic Parodies from ‘The Critic’ |Warming Glow|

Did Tom Green Invent Planking in 1994? |UPROXX|

Pic via mlkshk

FOR THIS WEEK’S FROTCAST: This week’s theme is weird things you’ve seen or done in movie theaters. Email your story to frotcast@gmail.com (and try to be SOMEWHAT brief, we can’t read it if it’s 10 minutes long).

Macho Man Randy Savage Tribute Goes Horribly Wrong |With Leather|

20 obscure words to describe people who collect certain things. |MentalFloss|

“The Real Housewives of the Bible.” |Videogum|

Here’s a fat kid moshing with a ghost. |GorillaMask|

An analysis of CNN’s 9 things you shouldn’t say to your child. |HolyTaco|

Here’s another Hobbit dwarf picture, this time low-res and video looking. Seriously, it’s not going to be another 18 months of this, is it? If so I will fly to New Zealand and murder Peter Jackson right now. |ScreenJunkies|

Miranda Kerr named her and Orlando Bloom’s kid after her ex boyfriend. |TheSuperficial|

Olivia Wilde Was Almost Trampled by Horses but Lived to (Hotly) Tell About It |Pajiba|

Paul Scheer Wants You to Watch His OJ-Murder Themed Prank Show |Adult Swim|

Female Marine Follows Suit, Asks Timberlake to Marine Ball |The Daily What|

10 Outtake Reals from Hilarious Comedies |Unreality|

The ever-so-slightly NSFW version of the banner picture:

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