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10 Amazing Pictures from There Will Be Blood

By 09.06.12

Tell your mom her pap smear's almost finished

It’s only a few weeks before Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master hits theaters (September 21st for San Franciscans like myself, check your local listings), and Miramax is celebrating the release by releasing these 10 awesome, high-res shots from There Will Be Blood. They’re pretty great if you like pretty pictures, and who doesn’t like pretty pictures? Everyone does. That doesn’t make you a photographer though, so just cool it with the still lifes, there, Ansel Instagram. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore either. Anyway. Daniel Day Lewis. Oil fires. Cool.

Whoa, relax, Derrick!
Who knows how many priests Daniel Day Lewis killed in preparation for this role? I bet it was more than one. The guy is method. I heard in acting school, he literally ripped a guy’s face off, just as an exercise.
I think it would be cool if you had a big globe like that that opened, and inside there were Skittles.
Seriously though, you think Daniel Day Lewis has ever killed anyone?
I wouldn’t light that if I were you.
A headbutt is sign language for “hello.” Try it on a deaf person, they love it when people try to understand them.
See? What have I told you about buttoning the top button? It’s movie shorthand for “weirdo.” Means you’re either a drunk, a schizo, or you’re otherwise at the end of your rope.
Paul Dano’s acting improved almost as fast as Channing Tatum’s. I don’t know what happened between that and this, but he sucked in Little Miss Sunshine.


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