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This Chinese Drive Bootleg DVD Cover is Amazing + Morning Links

By 10.21.13


Remember when someone sued because Drive wasn’t enough like Fast & Furious? Imagine how pissed the person who buys this Chinese bootleg DVD of Drive will be when they find out there aren’t any Uzis or exploding tanks. [via @CulturalElite]


|FilmDrunk| The Fifth Estate is the biggest bomb of the year.

|Uproxx| Rashida Jones be slut-shaming! Or shaming our whorish media culture! Let’s argue about it!

|KissingSuzy| Andy Reid celebrates win by dancing like a happy walrus.

|WithLeather| In shocking news you’ll never believe, Dana White gives not a poop for Bellator.

|GammaSquad| Ranking every horror movie “in space.”

|UproxxVideo| Russia’s drunkest driver (and that’s saying something).

|SmokingSection| 13 busty women who should take part in “no bra day” (important story)

|TheSuperficial| Gwyneth Paltrow tried to kill a Vanity Fair story about her alleged affair.

|Videogum| This week in gifs!

|TheChive| “It’s hard to argue with that.” (35 photos)

|Buzzfeed| 32 awesome family Halloween costumes.

|deathandtaxes| Man fired from Walmart for trying to help assault victim in the parking lot.

|BroBible| Nothing better than when a punter lays someone out.

|Guyism| Drunk Michigan girl is your drunk college girl of the day.

|Pajiba| 45 adorable photos from horrifying movies.

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