‘Monuments Men’ Author Robert Edsel Talks To Charlie Rose About The Heroic Events That Inspired The Movie


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Like a lot of people who’ve been looking forward to seeing Monuments Men, I was looking forward to learning some about the story the movie is based on, a remarkable one that somehow has gone largely untold over the years, especially when you consider how much ink has been devoted to World War II since the war’s end. But now Vince’s review of the film has me overcome with second thoughts. So what’s a guy like me to do? Maybe read the book the movie’s based on?! Hmmm…

Coincidentally, during lunch today I watched last night’s episode of The Charlie Rose Show and Rose had historian Robert Edsel, the author of Monuments Men, on as his guest and the discussion they had was a rather fascinating one. (My personal favorite tidbit: Hitler, a failed artist, had plans to place all of the stolen art inside a giant museum that was to be constructed in his home town in Austria.) So I figured I’d drop it here on my way out the door today.

And oh yeah, f*ck Hitler and f*ck Nazis. Enjoy.

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