Greasy Sax Dude Played in the Orange Bowl

01.04.11 6 years ago • 13 Comments

Long before he showed up on Saturday Night Live or Eastbound and Down, Greasy Sax Dude, aka Timmy Cappello, the sax player from the intro to Lost Boys, was a fixture here on FilmDrunk.  I’m not trying to brag or say anyone ripped me off, I just wanted to congratulate my readers for being in a place that’s always on the cutting edge of remembering stuff from the 80s.

Reader Larry recently discovered that Cappello has a doppleganger down in Palo Alto who does his honkin’ and thrustin’ on the fields of gridiron.  Stanford destroyed Virginia Tech 40 – 12 in last night’s Orange Bowl, but credit Tech for holding the fullback Marecic to just four yards on three carries with one touchdown.  A guy that slippery can’t be easy to tackle.

Marecic's touchdown dance

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