I write Vin Diesel fan fiction?

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12.20.11 13 Comments

So I wrote this… thing a while back. It’s called “Vin Diesel Goes to the DMV.” I never posted it on FilmDrunk, because it didn’t seem quite right. It was little long for blog format, it wasn’t timely, and most of all, it was wholly fictional. But when my friend Justin Halpern (of Sh*t My Dad Says fame) told me he was starting a site for longer-form, harder-to-categorize humor writing, I figured this was perfect. It’s all part of my master plan to never make money on anything. Here’s Justin’s intro:

This is a piece of fiction that asks the age old question “What happens when Vin Diesel goes to the DMV?” Now behold, as Mr. Vin Diesel takes you on a journey inside his mind…inside the DMV.

Couldn’t have introduced it better myself. Thank Bret for the artwork.

Read it here (Please? I ask so precious little of you).

I think I based it on his voiceovers in Babylon AD.

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