JägerBonds And The Frotcast, The Journey Continues

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04.24.14 6 Comments


Some of you may have already seen the FilmDrunk Frotcast’s first award-winning collaboration with JägerBonds, a new app from Jagermeister that allows you to give your most epic nights a suitable highlight reel. Our first outing took us from taco joint to comedy show, with of course the occasional ice cold Jäger along the way. Meeting fans and eating flans – you know, just bonding, NBD. I’d like to think the video made us look cooler than we actually are, if that’s even possible. JägerMeister brings the crowd and JägerBonds saves the memories.

We’re about to take it out for test drive number two, touring some of San Francisco’s finest landmarks (the ones that aren’t too foggy to see). What incredible hijinks will we capture this time? Only time will tell.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated.

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