James Franco Is Crowdsourcing Three Movies

06.18.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Look at all my lit.

Good news, people with too much disposable income: James Franco wants your money. He’s got an Indiegogo project to make three movies out of stories from his book Palo Alto, which I own and can say is Hot Garbage. Lots of brazen-faces-reflecting-a-kaleidoscope of fireworks/carnival lights/pool lamps kind of scenes. $500,000 for three movies isn’t too bad considering all the profits go to the Art of Elysium charity, and Franco seems more interested in promoting the careers of four NYU directors than anything. So maybe this dicknosing is a little softer than our asses are used to. Plus a $450 backing gets you a voicemail!

James will record a 15 second personalized cell phone greeting of your choice (James retains the right to edit the script if he deems the content inappropriate).

I don’t know what could possibly offend James Franco (unless it’s a sick diss on Marina Abromovic), but if I had the money I’d make him say “Would you rather see three James Franco movies or three Hobbit movies?”

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