Keanu Reeves is Jesus, the irrefutable proof

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01.12.11 3 Comments

Keanu-Reeves-is-JesusMaybe that’s why Keanu is so sad.  Carrying the burden of all the sins of humanity is probably a drag sometimes.  |via OhInternet|


The 10 Most Stylish Dictators. |Uproxx|

Can your car run on Four Loko? If you’re drinking Four Loko, do you need a car? |UproxxNews|

10 Notable Midseason Replacements and the Shows That Replaced Them. |WarmingGlow|

Cyberdyne is real and making thought-controlled exoskeletons. |GammaSquad|

Charles Barkley says Tucker Carlson is a douche. In other news, water is wet, etc. |WithLeather|

Male nude housekeeper on trial for murdering one of his clients.  Men cleaning? That’s just sick. |NYCBarstoolSports|

A GORILLAMASK ORIGINAL: That Calvin & Hobbes/Fight Club mashup we’ve all been waiting for. |GorillaMask|

7 tips for salvaging your Netflix account. |ScreenJunkies|

Holy Taco runs down the Billboard top 10. |HolyTaco|

24 Celebrities In Bizarre Foreign Commercials [VIDEOS] |CoedMagazine|

Chris Illuminati’s new book: A**holeology The Cheat Sheet: Put the science into practice in everyday situations. |Amazon|

49 out of 50 states currently have snow.  Once again, Florida ruins everything. |Buzzfeed|


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