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09.20.12 5 years ago

[via /Film]

Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick Poster is pure elegance
|Film Drunk|

15 Band Tattoos No Music ‘Fan’ Should Ever Have Willingly Inked On Their Bodies |UPROXX|

Tony Danza And Tupac Shakur Were Pen Pals|Warming Glow|

Cage channeling his spirit animal. [via The Flying Scotsman]

Caroline Wozniacki Sells Underwear By Being Caroline Wozniacki In Underwear |With Leather|

Five Reasons I Don’t Want A ‘Revolution’ |Gamma Squad|

Man Arrested For DUI On Horseback, Possession Of Marijuana & Moonshine |Smoking Section|

LOLNFL 2012: Week 2 |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Justin Bieber Was Almost Aborted |IDLYINTW|

10 Musicians Who’d Look Awesome With Skrillex Hair |Buzzfeed|

Too Big to Fail: The Murderer Who Tried to Eat His Way Off Death Row |Mental Floss|

Why unrated cuts on DVD do no service to cinema |Fark|

Cat hammocks are the new hotness |Daily What|

12 Looks Only Kanye West Can Pull Off |Complex|

Chick-Fil-A Stops Donations To Anti-Gay Groups |The Superficial|

8 Types of Karaoke Singers |College Humor|

7 Time Travel Movies That Will Blow Your Mind  |Screen Junkies|

The Six Adventure Time Characters That I Would Most Like To Hang Out With |Unreality|

Lindsay Lohan Is OUR Generation’s Amanda Bynes |Videogum|

11 Hottest 1980s Female Teen Heartthrobs |Pajiba|

The Underwater Art of the Puffer Fish |High Definite|

Attention: Fire Tornadoes Are Coming to Kill Us All |Brobible|

25 Perfectly Timed Photos |HuffPost Comedy|

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