Patton Oswalt made another 5-second film! What God did I please?

Senior Editor
07.13.11 5 Comments

Following up on his award-winning short, “Crabwalkin‘”, here’s Patton Oswalt starring in a brand-new five-second film, “You Got Mail,” in which he plays the neighborhood mailman. If Patton was my mailman, I’d probably kidnap him and feed him Otter pops until he revealed his secrets. But then, I say that about everything.  Hey, while we’re on the subject, how come otter pops aren’t shaped like shrimp, or abalone shells? Or maybe instead of a frozen juice tube, they should be a treat that you have to break open with a small rock and eat on your tummy. I mean have some respect for your theme, am I right? Boy, this post spiraled out of control fast, didn’t it.

[Go visit 5secondFilms to thank them for this bounty]

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