Phil Spector’s wife sounds super stable

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I didn’t follow the Phil Spector murder case all that closely when it happened, and I admit I just assumed it was another Robert Blake/OJ Simpson case, where a dude murdered a female acquaintance and then tried to use the “but I’m famous!” defense. But David Mamet’s Phil Spector movie on HBO, which I watched at least half of the other night, seems to suggest that maybe Spector didn’t do it, and he was just lumped in with Blake and OJ, and people wrongly assumed he was a murderer on account of him being weird old A-hole. With Spector currently serving 19 years for second-degree murder, you’d think his people would be happy with any publicity of the Phil-Spector-not-being-portrayed-as-a-murderer variety, but it seems his wife, Rachelle Spector, is actually none too thrilled with HBO and Mamet. Her big beefs? Party invites and improper wig depictions, it seems. Seems like a real stable lady.

Mrs. Spector claims she explicitly was not invited [to the March 14 screening the cable network participated in at LACMA].
She tells THR that her PR rep received an invite for another client, prompting the rep to call HBO, which said it couldn’t accommodate her. That’s when Rachelle, who married Spector in 2006, did what any self-respecting wife of an incarcerated music legend would do: She crashed it.
“Pretty amazing I had to sneak into a screening of a movie about my husband,” the 32-year-old posted March 14 on Facebook. Seems she didn’t realize the screening was public. But she walked out while director David Mamet spoke. “Mamet said that he had access to my husband’s hair, which he calls wigs, and he measured them so he could get the height right,” she says. “I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s interesting, I didn’t know somebody snuck into my house and had access to my husband’s hair.’ ”
An HBO rep says Mamet used photos to gauge Phil’s hair size, as he said at LACMA, and that Rachelle was offered a private screening. [THR]

So who are you going to believe, HBO, or the lady who came up with the idea of sporting this hairstyle and outfit to murder court in the first place?

Good call. Regular-sized hair would’ve just drawn attention to those Hercules buttons. Meanwhile, Mrs. Spector didn’t seem to have nearly as many problems getting into the premiere of All About Steve:

But say what you will about her, the girl knows her way around a sweet pun:

I actually did wonder how that was pronounced. Look, there’s already “Rachel” and “Rochelle,” we don’t need “Rachelle.”

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