Their Christopher Walken shirts are kissing!

10.17.12 5 years ago

Sam Rockwell and Colin Farrell are both wearing Christopher Walken shirts. Your argument is invalid. [ via BrandonBird]

Bill Murray calls Kelly Lynch’s husband every time he sees her sex scene in Roadhouse
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This is perhaps the best reaction to reading Fifty Shades of Grey[via Humor Train]

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A low down and dirty good time is upon us |theChive|

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Kate Upton In This Dress. That Is All. |IDLYITW|

Dear runners, stop that barefoot nonsense and put some shoes on. And guys: wear a shirt for god’s sake. Sincerely, Science. |Fark|

Operation Watch This: Test Footage From The Exorcist |Videogum|

Rabbi Writes Patronizing Letter To Sarah Silverman, Has His Ass Handed To Him By Her Dad |HuffPost Comedy|

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And now, here’s Matt Ufford doing a video in his FilmDrunk shirt. A video dedicated to puns. It couldn’t be more apt. He knows “queef” is my all-time favorite word.

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