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12.13.08 60 Comments

UPDATE: I switched out the banner pic just so I don’t get any crap about ruining the ending of the movie.  So if you care about possibly spoiling the ending of Marley & Me, don’t read any further.  Plus, I think you’ll agree that this is a cute f-cking dog.

FilmDrunkard Stephanie spotted some consistent graffiti around Los Angeles.  I haven’t seen the film myself, so I can’t confirm whether the dog indeed dies.  But if it’s true, I applaud the graffiti artist.  I don’t think my heart could take it if I had to watch the puppy die, so I appreciate the warning.  Because otherwise… I was totally gonna see that movie.  Jennifer Aniston?  Shit, bro, you’d need a bulldozer to keep me out of that theater.

UPDATE X2: Apparently I’ve been duped, “Stephanie” sent these to every movie blog, and this is some kind of PR stunt (sorry I didn’t catch that, I tend to do less research when I’m hungover on a Saturday morning).  Anyway, congratulations, Stephanie, now I hate you and I hope you get face cancer.  Was that the kind of PR you were looking for?

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