SUPERCUT: Robert Pattinson Secretly Hates Twilight

11.20.12 4 years ago • 10 Comments

It really didn’t take much reading between the lines to discover that Robert Pattinson secretly hates Twilight, and now, thanks to the magic of the supercut, we have a mountain of evidence in one, handy-dandy video. It’s totally relevant, because just as someone sent it to me, I was reading a Hollywood Reporter piece on all the Twilight actors describing Twilight. Most of them do the usual full-of-sh*t actor thing, but see if you can detect the difference between Pattinson and the rest:

Kristen Stewart: “I do find that the reason it’s really sparked and caught and really spread is because it’s such a vivacious experience,” the actress says. “It’s rare.” “We’d just be creating phenomenons every day if we had the equation for [what makes Twilight so successful].”

Jackson Rathbone: “It’s the duality, I think,” says Rathbone of Meyer’s success. “Within The Host she has this character that’s of two minds and throughout the entire Twilight Saga, you’ve got a girl that’s in love with two guys. It’s interesting, that duality in human nature.”

If you need to make up some artsy-sounding nonsense, “duality” is always a good option.

Robert Pattinson: “She’s very personal in her writing to the point where it almost feels too personal.”

There you have it, Robert Pattinson is the only sane one.

[Supercut via Blame It On The Voices]

Never forget.

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