The Sherminator is a Sushi Waiter in Los Angeles

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It would be less mentally taxing for all of us if after achieving novelty fame for a bit role in a hit show or movie, actors could just vaporize, saving us the cognitive dissonance of ever having to reconcile them with their characters, but unfortunately for us, they usually have to on living, with all the growing up, getting married, becoming Scientologists, or working normal jobs that that might entail. So it was that actor Chris Owen, who once played the iconic Sherminator in American Pie and American Reunion, was discovered waiting tables a sushi joint in Santa Monica.

So what has the Sherminator been up to? Well it looks as though the former ladies man from American Pie is now working as a server at Sushi Roku in Santa Monica. There are plenty of good lookin’ girls down there, especially with summer coming to a close, so we’re sure the actor is having no problem meeting lady friends while on the job. C’mon… he’s the Sherminator, for God’s sake. wants you guys’ to take on this… Is the economy so bad that even the Hollywood elite is having to go back to work? Or, is the Sherminator just doing what he loves? [sic] [StarzUncut]

I’ve waited tables before, and as much as waiters like to complain about it and others ridicule, really the only drawback is everyone’s sh*tty judgment. It’s virtually impossible to get out of a sushi joint without spending at least $20 a person, and all you have to do is carry a big, communal tray out once or twice a meal. It’s the easiest, most lucrative form of an already easy job. Maybe not as easy as being a teen actor, but still. You’d make just as much as you would at an office job (most likely significantly more) without having to have a 9-to-5 gig and all the soul-crushing bullsh*t that goes along with it. And like they say, you get to hang out with hot young girls all day. And at the end of your shift, you just drop your hard hat and bail and no one expects you to spend even a single second of your off time thinking about it. I promise, it ain’t a bad life. Hell, the only reason I’m not waiting tables at a sushi restaurant right now is that all those having all those ethnic types around me would probably make me nervous.

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